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ACS' first-ever animated video. Directed by our Forest Foundation summer intern, Nural Hasan, this video was written, filmed and produced entirely in-house, utilizing the artistic and technical talents of ACS staff. 

A special thanks to the Forest Foundation for connecting us with Nural and to Sodafrog for giving this story such a wonderful soundtrack.

“For these are all our children” 

- James Baldwin 



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ACS Forward at Forty Event - Honoring Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Dr. Daniel Jacobs and Pete Caron

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 An ACS Clinician linked Jimmy with crucial resources to overcome his past and build a hopeful future.  
Read his story.

Since 1973, Adolescent Consultation Services has provided specialized diagnostic and therapeutic services to court-involved adolescents and their families from Middlesex County and Greater Boston, Massachusetts.

Although their histories and circumstances vary greatly, our clients have experienced serious setbacks such as learning disabilities, family substance abuse, medical and mental health problems, poverty, and even cultural adjustment issues due to recent immigration.

In partnership with the Juvenile Court, ACS staff work with these children and their families to understand their needs and bring together the necessary resources in order to find solutions to their underlying problems.


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