Adolescent Consultation Services

Maria is 14 years-old and lives with her mother. She often skips school but when she attends, her sudden angry outbursts get her in trouble. She has difficulty trusting others and says that she has a hard time dealing with frustration. Because of her temper, she has few friends.>

Maria is before the court as a Child Requiring Assistance because of her constant disciplinary problems at school. When she was referred to ACS, her ACS clinician learned that when Maria was younger, she saw her father  physically abuse her mother. When she was slightly older, he also abused her, physically and emotionally. Her parents divorced when she was 12.

Maria is bothered by her own behavior, often not understanding why she becomes so angry. Her mother is overwhelmed. She works long hours in order to support her family and finds it difficult to attend meetings at Maria's school.

The ACS clinician referred Maria to ACS's Young Women's Group to help her find better ways to manage her anger and to build more positive relationships with her peers. The clinician also connected Maria's mom with a Parent Partner to provide her with additional support. 

Maria is beginning to do better in school and feels much happier. For the first time in a long time, her mother feels good about her daughter's future.

This is the change in lives your generosity makes possible!